• Shortbreads


    In those strange times we all need comfort and food is to me one of the place I feel more at ease to get it. This recipe is a big hit, extra easy to do and only 3 ingredients. I got it for my first head Chef when I was a young intern. Twisted it a little bit over the years mostly to have it celiac friendly. I must say that my mum does massive batches of them for Christmas and she use to have my dog right next to her all of the time for this one. The recipe is in the Sweet Foodie section or just through this link :

  • Madeleine


    We are living strange eerie times. I’m finding myself cooking and baking more than usual. A sort of comforting therapy from all of the craziness out there. I hope you will bear with me, a good few recipes are coming back… and new ones will show up. These are probably one of my favourite cake. They take me back to a winter day in Paris where I had them sitting in a café with a gorgeous jasmin tea. Easy to make, the longest and hardest part will be the waiting for the dough in the fridge ( patience is definitely not one of my virtue). As many of my recipes this one can…