Strawberry, pineapple sage and beer ice cream

A very long time no writing. So hi guys again. I am coming back with a very easy and delicious recipe of ice cream with no fancy tools needed. And I’ll come back to you with a few alternatives of these ice creams that I absolutely love to make. During lockdown what kept us sane was to be ordering from a local brewery that we both love Rascals in Dublin. Beer in front of a movie was a great way for us to relax. And the brewery in itself does pizza as well so we did go to pay them a visit and it was great. Coming back and with the amount of strawberries we have in the garden and the pineapple sage the idea of this ice cream started to emerge… Right now we are eating it with cake and it’s the best.

You will find the recipe in the sweet foodie section of the website or by following the link below.