• Upside down apple cake

    Upside Down Apple Cake

    A real crowd pleaser. I use to make that cake in work, except I used pears. This is a more indulgent version with the caramel. It is also a very easy cake to make with kitchen staples. It can also totally be made celiac friendly. You will find the recipe in the Sweet Foodie section or by following the link below.

  • Malthouse Flour Loaf

    A very wholesome and perfect for breakfast loaf. In fact you will have 2 of them. Love working with different flour and this one is one of my favourite. It is also a less timed one to make. You will find the recipe in the All about that bread section or by following the link below.

  • Easy Chili

    Very easy and deliciously comforting recipe. And a good few veggies to be guilt free. This recipe is perfect after a long day. Love as well the left overs that can be done in tortillas or tacos. For an uncomplicated lunch or dinner. Slow cooking has such a hearty flavour to it. Perfect to be enjoyed with a bowl or rice, sour cream, avocados and cheese… You will find the recipe in the Savoury Foodie section or by following the link below.

  • Pizza

    Pizza Dough

    This is an extremely easy and crowd pleaser recipe. I do love doing from time to time for staff food and go crazy with the toppings.Fresh yeast is easy to find, in Fallon & Byrne, Dunnes Store, Lidl or many Polish shops. Just no pineapple, first it’s seems so wrong as well I’m allergic. This dough will not be a thin base it will be thick almost like a focaccia, makes me go back to bakeries pizza’s. You will find the recipe in the All About that Bread section or by following the link below.

  • Baguettes

    Sourdough Baguettes

    This one is a long one but so rewarding. Make me automatically feel like home. Don’t be intimidated by the length of the recipe it honestly is super easy and you don’t have a whole lot to do except wait for the dough to do its thing. I did watch a lot of YouTube videos for the how to do the perfect shape and coil and fold. Use every tool at your disposition it will come so easy after. And just remind yourself that it is pointless sometimes to pack the starter dough back in the fridge because 3 hours after it was out of the oven one of the baguette is already…

  • Sourdough bread

    Basic Sourdough

    Using the starter I made this is a very basic Sourdough. Be careful basic doesn’t mean untasty. It is just a super easy recipe. Don’t be scared by the time, there is little to do actually and not too much kneading required. Do experiment with different types of flour with this one. It is quite easy to shape as well. You will find the recipe in the All about Bread section or following the link below.

  • Sourdough starter

    Sourdough Starter

    If I ever needed to confess something is that as long as I could remember I wanted to be a baker. Since childhood bread has been a passion although only white bread. For a good few years now I make my own bread.And I love it. My pantry is filled with flour my sourdough starter is been around for a good few months. I did went through quite a few by forgetting to feed them. This starter recipe is by no means a follow the recipe exactly. Do experiment… The same applies with breads you will be making, add different components (don’t forget to write things down), use what you have around and…

  • Crêpes


    The easiest lazy day food. 3 ingredients that everyone has in the pantry and in the fridge, got me through snow storm Ireland, hurricane and now the new pandemic. You can always swap the milk for a vegan version ( when everything else is gone from the Spar shop my Oat milk is still there), the egg by a mix of corn flour and water. For the recipe click below or you will find it on the Sweet Foodie page…

  • My Grandmother’s Chocolate Cake

    My french grandmother was notorious for not cooking or baking a lot. Raising 9 kids was in my mind a sufficient job as it is. But she taught me a few things and passed on to my mum a few recipes. This one was always a winner. Something so comforting about liking the spoon, trust me it was a fight in our house of who got more than the other. Three kids in the small kitchen of a Parisian apartment holding a spoon each… You will find the recipe in the link below or on the Sweet Foodie page.

  • Shortbreads


    In those strange times we all need comfort and food is to me one of the place I feel more at ease to get it. This recipe is a big hit, extra easy to do and only 3 ingredients. I got it for my first head Chef when I was a young intern. Twisted it a little bit over the years mostly to have it celiac friendly. I must say that my mum does massive batches of them for Christmas and she use to have my dog right next to her all of the time for this one. The recipe is in the Sweet Foodie section or just through this link :